What we do

Wine barrel

A newly planted Urban GreenSpace wicking wine barrel with micro worm farm for self-fertilisation and organic waste processing.

Waste is an inevitable part of being in business, right? Well interestingly enough, there is no such thing as waste in nature. Nature has great ways to convert overflows and excesses. It breaks them down and reuses them.

We aim to help you reduce your waste by helping you look at some of your company’s waste and turning it back into something else: food!

We build herb gardens on restaurant rooftops, edible spaces on balconies, backyards and corporate community gardens.

By installing an edible garden in your business, your company will reap triple bottom-line benefits: do your bit for the planet by reducing waste to landfill and therefore reducing your waste disposal bill, retaining your key personnel (and looking good in the eyes of your clients). It’s all win, win.

One Comment on “What we do”

  1. October 11, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    We can also cite the trend towards organic farming and gardening as well as biodynamics, plus the conserving, preserving and transformative power of reuse, reduce, recycle, recover and repurpose.


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