Waste reducing urban garden design

We aim to help you reduce your waste outputs so we incorporate your family or company’s waste into the build and maintenance of your garden. These waste outputs include food scraps from the kitchen/staffroom, cardboard and paper waste. How much we are able to incorporate depends on the size of your garden.

Restaurant rooftop herb gardens and corporate community gardens

Staff retention is a challenge for many companies. By giving your staff garden beds to cultivate their own vegies and herbs you are sending a clear signal to your employees that you value their inputs and care about their health and long term prospects within your company.

Private homes, balconies and courtyards

Small spaces are our specialty so whether you want a few herbs in a stylish space-wise design or a lush veggie bed, Urban GreenSpace can meet your needs.


After each garden has been installed, we recommend regular ongoing maintenance to make sure systems are running smoothly, everything is looking good and everyone is happy. Of course during our visits we will be available to help out with any questions you or your staff have.


As part of our maintenance visits we can schedule lunchtime workshops that may be of benefit to your employees. Such workshops include composting, seed raising and collecting, to name a few.

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  1. October 11, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Other possibilities include respite centres, retirement villages, age-care facilities, galleries, public parks, areas to be rehabilitated or under rehabilitation, shopping centres and so on.

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