Edible garden design

It has taken me a long time to get round to writing about this project. One of the reasons for this is that it has been a very challenging job in many ways. I will be the first to say it’s still a way from the place I want it to be but it’s coming together at last.

First, a little about Yulli’s:

Yulli’s is a small a vegetarian restaurant and bar in Surry Hills, Sydney that first opened its doors in August 2008.

Karl and his partner Dani are committed environmentalists. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, beers are all NSW sourced and let me tell you, Karl has a great love of quality local craft beers. This is where I have discovered the likes of the Happy Goblin beers, Murray’s Whale Ale, and let’s not forget one of the few low carb beers you can taste, Brother’s Ink Skinny Blonde with it’s heat sensitive label. I could go on and on about the beers as I have been a patron for almost as long as they’ve been open. The wines are all Australian.

Karl introduces me to the rooftop garden site, August 2011

Back to the food, ‘cos it’s worth noting that they have really nailed the share plate and meal thing with a fascinating fusion of Pacific-rim, pan Asian – yet global menu. You seriously don’t miss the meat. Also worth mentioning is Karl likes to fly under the radar so won’t be too happy with me letting the word out. Oh well…

Ok now I got a bit side tracked from the environmental thing but it really is a guiding principle for the business. As such, the garden is built mainly from waste items from business operations. This means that the garden grows organically as resources become available from the waste-stream. This handy for a garden designer who relies heavily on public transport and small, simple solutions!

One Response to “Yulli’s Rooftop and Wall Garden Project: Part 1”

  1. Utku

    Sounds fantastic. I will check out Yulli’s restaurant and taste rooftop grown dishes. Keep it up guys.


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