Comfrey collects nutrients from chookpoo and potplant overflows

What is a dynamic accumulator sock? (And how to make one)

One of the things I love about my job is being able to indulge my creative urges and get into some product design from time to time. This idea came ...

Wine Bottle Herb Garden or "Cassette Garden"

Yulli’s Rooftop and Wall Garden Project: Part 3: Let’s get vertical

Karl called one day and said, “Steve-o, we need something on the walls. I’m not sure about your aquaponics ideas but we need something on the wall.” Karl went on ...

Current projects

Pretty fly for a farm guy

Pretty fly for a farm guy I caught this excellent story on Bush Telegraph this morning. It was an interview with Jason J. Drew. Turns out he’s cottoned on to the idea of using insect larvae as stock feed. Not news to you guys I know, but news to the mainstream and he seems to […]

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Let’s Talk About Poop

Here’s a link to a great Conversation from the local ABC radio station here in Sydney -702 Sydney this morning. It’s a podcast of an interview conducted by Richard Feidler with Dr David Waltner-Toews. Whilst this subject is greater than the space a half hour interview could cover he touches on much that will set […]

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Thanks Papa and Pop

Every year on this day (It’s ANZAC Day here in Australia and New Zealand for my readers further afield) I spend the day being grateful for my two grandfathers as they both served in WW1. In particular I dwell on my maternal Grandad, Lancelot Boughen Stevens as he was at Gallipoli. It was his experiences […]

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Restaurant Rooftop and Vertical Gardening Workshop: June 16th

Back in January I posted that I was part of a series of urban permaculture workshops happening in the Inner West. The time has almost arrived so I thought I should let you all know a little more about what I will be talking about and working through on the day so you can decide […]

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Why I love composting

As it’s International Compost Awareness Week I thought I might write an ode to compost. Then I realised odes are poems meant to be sung then I thought, screw that. Instead, I have written what I wanted to write, why I freaking love composting.                   Whilst walking […]

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How to make a vertical strawberry tube planter

Seeing as this is around the time you should be planting your strawbs I thought it timely to write about this vertical strawberry planter I made a few months back. Instead of writing about it straight away I thought it would be better to test it first so have waited until it was established, yielding […]

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Yulli’s Rooftop Garden Part 2: Overcoming problems

So this project has 2 parts: A rooftop part that is out of sight to members of the public and patrons and a visible part, the outdoor space at the back. The rooftop was something Karl had already made a start on with a few polystyrene boxes growing some ginger, spinach and parsley. When Karl […]

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Taste Of Sydney – the Sustainable Living Corner’s Garden wrap-up

And that’s a wrap! Wait, no let’s make it a slider, no one does wraps anymore unless it’s a burrito…  The Taste Of Sydney 2012 Sustainable Living Corner Garden burrito…? Through a client of mine, Karl (of Yulli’s and more recently The Veggie Patch – the super-sustainable vego food truck about to hit the streets […]

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Come and find us at Taste Of Sydney!

We are happy to be chosen to install the garden in the Sustainable Living Corner at Taste Of Sydney on this weekend in Centennial Park.    We have coordinated the Growing Local Urban Permaculture Workshops crew to present an fully engaging and interactive zone with composting, solar energy, chicken tractor, organic seeds, Permaculture Diaries, edible weed […]

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Yulli’s Rooftop and Wall Garden Project: Part 1

It has taken me a long time to get round to writing about this project. One of the reasons for this is that it has been a very challenging job in many ways. I will be the first to say it’s still a way from the place I want it to be but it’s coming […]

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